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Vancouver, BC

For over 35 years, ABBA Dental has served patients in the Vancouver area, providing family-friendly general dentistry. Our dentists in Vancouver, Dr. Baha Azizi and Dr. Keith Lim offer professional care that is personalized to each patient.


Invisalign Teen®

Invisalign® has revolutionized the way that individuals can straighten their teeth. With a number of available benefits, Invisalign® can be a great option for you. Our dentists at ABBA Dental would be glad to discuss this product in further detail with you.


Professional Cosmetic Dentistry

Oral health is a valuable asset no matter what your age. Properly taking care of teeth and gums can lead to a brighter smile and an overall healthy mouth. Preventive care is most successful when comprised of both at-home dental care and regular visits to your dentist.


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Treatment Costs & Payment Options

Depending on the treatment required, your appointment may vary in cost. Before your appointment begins, we would be glad to discuss the cost and any payment options that may be available.

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New Patients /
Current Patients

Upon your first visit to ABBA Dental, we will perform a comprehensive examination, which will include X-rays. This examination will help our dentists to determine the health of your teeth and mouth.

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